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My Truth, My Perspective, My Opinions

The Introduction: Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I have contemplated for a long time about doing a blog not knowing if I should post my opinions on how I see things. Maybe some will get it, some will understand and some will simply not give a fuck. But whatever the reaction may be there shall and there will be a reaction. Should I speak about the state of Hip Hop, should I speak on who is relevant. And who has the right to say that someone is not relevant when Hip Hop is ever changing but always connected. I can speak about that if Tupac and Biggie were not murdered there may not have been a strong presence from Jay Z or many of the MC's that are here today. Should I feed into the conspiracies of Jay Z being a part of the Illuminati and in turn conspired to have both Biggie and Tupac killed in order to rise to the top. Or should I ask why didn't TI with all his money pay someone to pick up his drugs I know some people that deliver. Maybe I should speak about why some people stay in the closet and only come out when it is convenient to them or there careers. Or why so many men choose to sleep with both men and women and decide to keep this a secret to all of there lovers. Should it matter in the first place who you sleep with in your bed and what you do with that person. Are you looking for equal rights or are you and exhibitionist dieing to be free. Or maybe you would like to hear about my years in the industry what I saw and what some people would not want me to repeat. Well I will save that for my book. Or should I speak on how race still in this day and time does matter and why should I feel bad or made to feel bad when I teach my son both histories. Is everything rich vs poor and are we past black vs white? Well what ever it is going to be lets make it an open forum of communication. Things that make you go Arsenio (Hmmm). Which reminds me before I end, why didn't BET pick up the Arsenio Hall show after he got cancelled was it because Arsenio had Farrakhan on the show. Or did someone just decide that he was no longer relevant. Why was Johnny Carson relevant for so long and was is Jay Leno still relevant. Why did Michael Jordan's father get killed mysteriously after Jordan threatened to leave NIKE and start his own shoe company. Why did Bill Cosby's son get killed and his illegitimate daughter get blamed for that killing only after Cosby tried to buy into NBC. Then all of a sudden he was not that relevant anymore. Thoughts are infinite

My Truth, My Perspective, My Opinions

Just a thought on the climate of standing still: Friday, January 14, 2011
Men in Hats


There is a moment in time when you think too much and our minds stand in the way of our hearts movement. For my fellow man no matter what walk of life or what you look like or who you feel you are. The major connection that we have is love. Love for something. If you have love for nothing you are not trying. It is so hard to be righteous but what is being righteous. It is so hard to be righteous but what is being righteous. In my opinion being righteous is to know and own up to your shit. Know you faults before you judge someone else. There goes your mind moving and your EGO causing trouble. Love can guide you through the bull shit. Love can make someone happy as hell and can make some people miserably sad.

So if you are reading this know that someone that you really don't know loves you. If you own your shit you can get past any obstacle. Remember you can’t move if you are standing still. So let’s MOVE! So Remember don't take it personal because, THIS IS MY TRUTH, MY PERSPECTIVE AND MY OPINION AND LIKE AN ASSHOLE EVERYONE HAS ONE!



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